Dollarbay! is a multi-player real-time simulation, networked game that teaches basic marketing and microeconomic concepts. Players are immersed in a simulated environment where they are expected to save a failing retail outlet. The game is set in the virtual town of Springfield. The players are responsible for buying merchandize, setting prices, advertising, hiring employes, etc. If the player does their job well the town's ecomomic simulation will "buy" from them, and not from their competitors.

The ILS Dollarbay game was implemented with a Unix-based Dollarbay Server and a Macintosh-based graphical client program. After using the client program to connect to the Dollarbay Server, you would see the main window of the game. It consisted of two major sections, the top part is the MOOPort and the bottom is the dashboard. To see the interface and a more in-depth explaination of Dollarbay! go to Dollarbay In-depth.


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