Hiring Instructions

To hire an employee:

Click on the "Hiring" button. (This button is located on the home page.)

Click on the down arrow under "Wage to offer (per week)." A drop down menu will appear with available wages. Scroll down the list and decide on an amount you would like to pay, then click on this amount to select it. (The dollar amount you have chosen should now appear in the window next to the down arrow). NOTE: the higher the wage, the higher the level of service in your store.

Click on the "Advertise" button. This places your ad in the help wanted section of the paper. If there are any available applicants for this wage amount, their names will appear in the box under "Applicants." (If no names appear, there are no available applicants for this wage amount. You will need to select another wage amount and repeat this step).

Select a name in the "Applicants" box by scrolling up and down the list. Click on an employee name and their resume and picture will appear in the corresponding box if available.

Click on the "Hire" button when you have made your selection. (The applicant's name needs to be highlighted in the "Applicants" box.) Your employee will now appear in your store


Firing Employees

To fire an employee:

If for some reason you wish to fire your employee, repeat the steps for 'Hiring an Employee'.

Because each store is allowed only one employee, hiring a new employee is the same as firing the old employee. An existing employee is automatically fired when a new employee is hired


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