Getting Started

It is quite simple to get started in the Dollar Bay simulation. After creating a character in the game and logging in, you are automatically assigned an address, a store, and a starting budget.  In order to succeed and move up the scoreboard, you need to begin making a profit. To make a profit, you need stock your store with products that will be bought by the Dollar Bay shoppers.
  • The first thing you will want to do is choose at least one product to sell in your store, perhaps even more. (see Choosing what to sell)
  • If you want, feel free to browse other merchants' stores to see what they are selling and get a feel for prices and competition. (see Checking Competition)
  • You will need to hire an employee to sell your chosen products. (see Hiring Employees)
  • You can then order products from the various Dollar Bay suppliers.  (SeeOrdering products)
  • You can set the prices that you would like to sell your products at. You can price them below, at or above the competition. (See Managing stock)
  • You can review your inventory (i.e. check quantities, prices, etc.) by pressing the "Stock" button. (SeeManaging stock)
  • If you'd like, you can advertise your store through radio or newspaper ads by hitting the "Advertising" button. (SeeAdvertising)
  • You can check the Dollar Bay news to find out what is happening around the bay. (click the "News" button)
  • If you need advice on a subject during game play, choose the "Tutor" button for help on popular topics. Another option is to click the "Help" button for a complete guide to playing Dollar Bay.


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