To order products:

Click on the "Order" button to see the list of suppliers available.

  • Then click on the supplier from which you would like to purchase.
  • After choosing which manufacturer you would like to buy from, click on the "Order Form" button.
  • A list of products available from the supplier will appear.
  • Click on the items you would like to purchase
    • Each item has a description, purchase price, and picture.
    • Often there will be more than one purchase price, depending on quantity being purchased
  • Select number of items to be purchased by typing that number in the "quantity" box..
  • Select the frequency of delivery, ie would you like to recieve a weekly shipment or is this a one time order?
  • Click the "Add" button to add that item to your list
  • Select the next item and repeat.
  • When you have selected what you want from that supplier, click the "Submit Order" button. The items will be shipped to your store for you.


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