The Effect of Seasons on the DollarBay game:

Fall is the start of autumn, which is the change between summer and winter weather that would make for shorter days as the day of summer passes by into autumn. This could alter the buying habits of people to buy more products with the more money flowing thought the economy. Winter is the start of rainy and snowy weather with much less sunlight and shorter colder days. Witner is a trying time for people because of trouble with the weather. Cars won't start, driveways need to be shoveled, and roads are icy. More people stay home and mood swings occur, people become unhappy because of the trials of winter. Spring is the change between winter and summer. Spring is a rebirth for everything including peoples attitudes. Plants bloom, rivers flow again, days get longer, and everything gets warmer. The angle of the sun becomes higher and higher which causes the days to get longer and warmer. The weather is usually active at this time because of the temperature differences occuring along with the angle of the sun. Summer is the season which the sun shines most directly and is the change between spring and autumn. The sun strikes the earth at the highest angle, which causes the days to become the longest, and warmest. During summer, people can find antiques at flea markets and garage sales.



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